Welcome to BIll quay jubilee trust

Bill Quay Jubilee Trust forms an integral part of the community, helping people with everything from fighting poverty to hosting events and finding friends.

At Bill Quay Community Church, we’re proud to support the local community of Gateshead and beyond

We’re an independent church which is based in East Gateshead and usually meets in the Methodist church building on Station Road, Bill Quay.


Our members come from all over Gateshead, and we try to encourage each other on our journey of faith to love God, love each other and love others.

We are currently worshipping together each Sunday at 10.30am. Find out more about the church here, or get in touch with us to chat about how we can help.


All are welcome, we meet together for family worship each Sunday morning, beginning at 10.30am in the church with coffee after in the adjacent hall.



Working with the local community to support people of all ages, including children, older people, ex-offenders and those struggling with money issues.



Hosting a wide range of events for both children and grown ups, plus a community space available to hire. To view the full calendar of events, click below. 


Our Values

Our Trust deed has as its aim the following:

1. Advance the Christian faith for the benefit of the public through activities such as worship, prayer and other public events.

2. Prevent or relieve poverty primarily in, but not limited to, East Gateshead by providing items and services to individuals in need and/or charities, or other organisations working to prevent or relieve poverty.
the values for the whole trust are

We uplift the poor, by enabling people to lift themselves out of poverty
• We heal the broken, by enabling people to move forward from the challenges in their lives
• We free people from oppression, by giving inspiration and promoting social justice
• We give people opportunities to be of service to their community, as an expression of fellowship, and for those of Christian faith as an active expression of their faith
• We create opportunities for fellowship, reconciliation, forgiveness and, for those who wish –access to learning more about the Christian faith

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